Wegbechreibung zum Haus HeliandAnreise zu Haus Heliand

How to find us!

Arrival by coach and car

On the motorway A661, drive in northwest direction and take Exit No.1 “Oberursel Nord / Oberstedten” proceeding on B456.

Leave the B456 at the next possible exit, in the direction of Oberstedten, follow the signs. Stay on the “Hauptstraße” through the long-stretched village for about 1.1 km. Stay on the Hauptstraßte when the main road makes a sharp left curve (now called “Bergweg”), and then follow the signage “Haus Heliand”; after ca. 100 m turn right into the “Mühlenweg”.

At the house you will find a large parking lot, which also offers a generous stop and turning possibility for large coaches.

If you use a navigation device, enter “Mühlenweg 8”. Haus Heliand is located on a private path, therefore the destination using the postal address “Mühlenweg 3a” is often not found. In front of house no. 8, you will see a white sign to Haus Heliand, which leads you to the right into the private path, now it is only a few meters.

Or use a route planner, e.g. GoogleMaps.

In the interest of the environment we encourage car-pooling where it is not possible to travel by public transport


Arriving by public transport

Our house is easily accessible by public transport network, the journey with the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) is ideal. Whether with the U3 (from Frankfurt am Main), the S5 (Frankfurt-Friedrichsdorf) and/or the Bus 41 (Stop: “Bergweg”, approx. 500 m from Haus Heliand), many groups take advantage of this cost-effective option. The early booking of a group ticket for arrival and departure, possibly also for a planned trip, helps to keep the cost of arrival and departure within reasonable limits. Often parents can be found that are willing to transport luggage from a meeting point to Haus Heliand.

The following stops are potentially relevant for travelling to Haus Heliand by public transport:

Oberursel station: Possibility to change from the S-Bahn to the Bus 41 (stop: “Bergweg”) or to the U-Bahn line U3 in the direction of Hohemark.
Glöcknerwiese: U-Bahn line U3 station. From here Haus Heliand can be reached by foot within ca. 30 min (ca. 2 km) – following the “Fichtenstraße”.
Kupferhammer: U-Bahn line U3 station. The footpath distance to Haus Heliand is similar to that from the station Glöcknerwiese. Although steeper, the walk runs on quieter paths and offers more space for pedestrians.
Waldlust: U-Bahn line U3 station. Footpath through the forest (2.5 km) almost without incline. Our recommendation!

An RMV ticket to Zone 5126 is required for this trip.


From Frankfurt Airport

At the regional train station of the airport take the S8 or the S9 direction Frankfurt am Main / Hanau. At the stop “Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Hbf)”, change to the S5 in the direction of Oberursel-Bad Homburg-Friedrichsdorf. At the stop “Oberursel”, change to the Bus 41 or the U-Bahn line U3. (see above: Arrival by public transport)

An RMV ticket to Zone 5126 is required for this trip.