Prices 2023

Our price list for 2023. All prices are final prices in Euros.

The prices are also available as PDF file for download.


Children under the age of three stay with us free of charge.

Price for one night each in a shared room with shower, incl. 3 meals, daily drink and fruit

On workdays3–6 years7–18 yearsadults
from 1 night each 32.00 37.00 42.00
on weekends (nights on Fridays and Saturdays or on public holidays)
from 1 night each 36.00 43.00 49.00

Price for one night each in a shared room with shower, incl. 3 meals, daily drink and fruit

 3–6 years7–18 yearsadults
Single overnight stay 40.20 44.20 52.20
from 2 nights 38.20 42.20 47.20

Price for one night each in a shared room with shower, incl. breakfast and hot dinner

 3–6 years7–18 yearsadults
Single overnight stay 35.20 39.20 47.20
from 2 nights 33.20 37.20 42.20


We offer various discounts, some of which can be combined with each other.

Free-place discounts

For every 20 young people (from kindergarten / day-care groups and primary school classes) staying for at least two nights, we will give you 1 free place for an accompanying adult, or 2 free places for accompanying adults for stays of at least 4 days.

Off-peak discount

In the months of December and January and in the weeks of the Hessian summer holidays (19 July to 27 August 2021) we offer a 15% discount on the full- and half-board prices. These off-peak periods are marked dark-green in our occupancy calendar.

Condition:  Group size at least 10 people staying for at least two nights. Does not apply to last-minute offers.



For additional nights and meals, the following rates apply:

 3–6 years7–18 yearsadults


8.50 9.00 9.00
Brunch 4.00 additional charge
Lunch/hot dinner 9.50 10.50 10.50
Afternoon coffee   3.00  
Afternoon coffee with cake or sweet snacks   6.00  
Dinner 7.50 8.50 8.50
Barbecue dinner1 6.00 additional charge
Additional packed lunch2 6.50 6.50 6.50

1 Meat, sausages, vegetarian dishes, grilled vegetables, along with a rich buffet (salads, raw food, breads) – only in summer
2 Full-board guests can receive packed lunches at no extra charge instead of lunch and would then receive a hot dinner in the evening. Please apply early in advance!




Additional single or double for accompanying person3 20.00

3 For each group we reserve two rooms for the group supervisors, which can be used as single, double or shared room. Upon request and if available, additional single or double rooms can be provided at additional charge.


Each group will receive a group room suitable for the group size as its own dining and recreation room. If available, however, additional rooms can be rented in addition. We can also provide dayrooms for 1-day events, the participants of which do not stay overnight.

  Full-/Halfboard guests Day visits
Large day room 50.00 100.00
Room of Silence 25.00 50.00
Fireplace room 25.00 50.00
Seminar room 25.00 50.00
Den Free of charge 25.00


On the day of departure, the bedrooms must be handed over swept clean by 10 a.m., the group rooms until departure. Large quantities of waste must be disposed of. If this is not successful or desired, we take over the final cleaning at extra charge:

Per bedroom 25.00
Large day room 50.00
Room of Silence, Fireplace room, Seminar room 25.00
Den 25.00


We kindly ask our guests to bring 3-piece bed linen. In individual cases, however, we are happy to help out and charge a rental fee.

3-piece bed linen 6.00