Booking process and billing

Upon your request, you will receive a detailed offer based on the price list valid for the booking year, with a list of the requested services.

The offer is subject to a down payment, which must be received on our designated account in a timely manner with the return of the completed and signed occupancy contract. Thereby our offer is deemed accepted and you will receive a booking and deposit confirmation. Attached to the confirmation is a form "Update of group information" which we kindly ask you to provide to us with updated information 14 days before your stay and share with us relevant details related e.g. to known food intolerances or similar.

Please inform us immediately in case the number of participants change. Please consider the cancellation deadlines as given in the contract under Terms and Conditions, and also in the price list.

As a rule, you will receive the final invoice for your stay on the day of departure. Your down payment will be deducted here and the services provided will be adjusted in detail. Payment, including partial payments, in cash is possible. You can pay the invoice amount conveniently within 14 days by bank transfer. Payments with credit or debit (e.g. EC) card are unfortunately not possible.